Get the Bridgerton Look...

April 26, 2024

Get the Bridgerton Look...

Hands up who loves Bridgerton!

The gorgeous Regency-set period drama is a fluffy, filthy and fun exploration of the 1813 London time period and the love lives of those taking part in the notorious social season and the so-called marriage market.

It’s escapism in its purest form, and while wildly entertaining, it’s also a feast for the eyes, especially if, like me, you have an avid interest in all things interiors.

The exquisite interiors in the show are designed to reflect each family’s social standing - with a refined palette of blue, white and champagne for the Bridgertons, while bold citrus shades dominate both the home and the wardrobes of the Featheringtons. Lady Dunbury’s abode can be recognised through the opulent shades of pink and gold.

Regency style was synonymous with splendour. From furniture upholstered in silk to damask wallpaper, no expense was spared. Spanning 1811-1820, the Regency period was Neo-Classical in style, inspired by the aristocratic gentlemen returning from their Grand Tour with their many discoveries from Ancient Greece and Rome.

For us, Bridgerton presents an exaggerated world of maximalist interiors that we can lose ourselves in. The allure of the ornate plasterwork, delicate furniture and fine sense of proportion is timeless. But not all of us have the luxury of living in a Georgian pile, so how can we celebrate the classic beauty of the era, while adding our own contemporary take.

Getting the Bridgerton look, without the trust fund…

There are three things to consider when looking to bring a touch of Bridgerton to your interior design:

  • key furniture styles
  • Colour palette
  • Fabric choices

Let’s dive straight in…

Key furniture styles

Image: Pinterest

Furniture from this period had a very distinctive look - delicate wooden legs, ornate shaping, upright backs with fixed upholstery (no cushions) and would often be adorned with opulent fabrics or gold inlays.

Image: The French Bedroom Company

Hand-carved furniture like this Versailles Sofa from the French Bedroom Company with its antique gilding and exquisite damask silk are perfect for an elegant Regency style bedroom or entrance hall. 

Writing letters was a daily ritual in Regency times and a writing desk or dressing table would complement both modern and traditional room schemes. Look for mahogany or rosewood, where the styling is elegant, carvings will be more delicate than earlier Georgian furniture.

Image: The French Bedroom Company

Mirrors were hugely popular as a way of displaying your wealth. Glass was costly to produce so the larger the mirror, the richer you were. Light was also very important for Regency interiors. Mirrors were placed opposite windows to reflect the light as well as the trees outside the windows. Convex mirrors were popular, and used over sideboards for butlers to keep a discrete eye on things.

Image: Pinterest

Image: Oka

PRO TIP... Check out The French Depot on Instagram, for furniture that could work for a Regency era scheme

Colour Palette

If you think of Bridgerton, each family house had significantly distinct looks, the Bridgertons were all about the soft blues and silvers (think wedgewood china),  while the Featherstones had a more flamboyant look with greens and citrus hues. In Season 2 Lady Danbury's home featured heavily and had lots of soft pink and gold.

Image: Netflix

Soft pastels like yellow, rose, blue and soft ivory were popular colurs of the era. Look at Oval Room Blue by Farrow and Ball, Borrowed Light by Farrow and Ball, Dayroom Yellow by Farrow and Ball, Light Peachblossom by Little Greene, and Regency White by Craig and Rose.

Oval Room Blue

Farrow & Ball

Borrowed Light

Farrow & Ball

Dayroom Yellow

Farrow & Ball

Light Peachblossom

Little Greene

Regency White

Craig & Rose

Image: Netflix

Check out the Regency paint colours on Little Greene for more inspiration:

Soft furnishings

When it comes to soft furnishings it's good to think opulent.. So go for silks, velvets, delicate prints and heritage colours - but just be careful with gold, get it wrong and it can look gaudy.. Hand dyed silk cushions and fringes on curtains work well with the rattan or french style of furniture popular in the era.

Image:                                         Image: ​​Wedgwood Tonquin Blue Rug


Image: Netflix

The most important thing is to have fun and create something that feels, well, you!