Unseen Icons are absolutely delighted to be collaborating with Myrtle & Mary, the designs are very much our personal taste, colourful and bold with a retro edge, it feels like a match made in heaven.

Born out of lockdown, Myrtle & Mary is a young maximalist luxury brand created by Belfast based artist & designer Carrie Neely. Myrtle & Mary were the names of Carrie’s grandmothers, and she loves to think of them creating their own kind of heaven, wherever they are.

Each character is based on a family member, a friend, or is the product of a personal memory or experience, and each character has a colourful story to tell.

Carrie graduated with a BA Hons degree in visual Communications from art college in Belfast in 1997, and although she has a successful art consultancy and art gallery in Belfast called Art Loves, this is the first time in over 20 years that she has created something for herself. 

Carrie says “Myrtle & Mary feels so utterly indulgent to me…I get lost when I am in their world…hours can go past without me noticing. I really love creating new artwork and products, and am looking forward to taking this journey with Myrtle & Mary”.