About Us - Unseen Icons


Who are we? We are Unseen Icons. We are the rule breakers. The game changers. We are the ones who think that life is too short for boring. Stepping outside of what is expected and having the freedom to express who you are. That’s bold. And we’re nothing if we’re not bold.

It’s why we’re not for everyone. You see, we’re here for the brave. The ones who search out beauty in unexpected places. Who follow their passions. Who are not afraid to do things differently. To stand alone. To choose what they love. It’s this philosophy that’s at the root of everything we do, but it’s more than a manifesto; you could say it’s a way of life. We’re not afraid to be who we are. So we boldly inject new life into the old. We spark awe and ignite joy.  We breathe casual elegance into the mundane. We embrace the ridiculous and make it sublime. We take the unseen, the neglected and forgotten and create something truly iconic.

So forget boring high street trends. Forget bland, neutral interiors. The time for bold is here.

Founded by Kerry in 2017 under The Joyful Home Company name.  Having previously run a successful classic VW Campervan hire company which she sold in 2016, to pursue her interior passion.  She retrained in both traditional and modern upholstery with the Association of Master Upholsterers and The Joyful Home Company was born with a brand mission to spread Joy with their unique take on upholstered chairs and quirky homeware.  Having built up a loyal following the company has evolved in fresh directions and in 2020 it was time to change the brand up to better reflect who we are and what we do.  Unseen Icons was born.